Jan. 27th, 2010


Jan. 27th, 2010 09:42 pm
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On my drive home there is a roundabout with traffic light controls - and at rush hour a big queue too. My turning off the roundabout has two lanes - one for straight on (which is normally full) and one which is a dedicated right at the next lights (which is a little better).

Sometimes, impatient people use the dedicated right lane to skip the queues on the roundabout and then cross into the straight on lane to speed up their journey. Most of them wait for the lights to change - they're badly timed and traffic gets held up on the roundabout leaving space to filter across, but today some thick-necked taxi driver with a people carrier decided to bully his way into the tiny gap behind me, almost scraping the paint off the back of my car and causing the guy behind me to toot his horn (and pretty rightfully so as he must have come close to taking his headlights out at the same time, if not the whole bonnet).

Mr thick-neck then decided to stop and get out of his car, clearly insulted by the tooting.

There was a lot of traffic and he was a lot bigger than me so I couldn't really stop. I couldn't really see the people in the other car very well, but I hope they were a rugby team.

Really ought to have taken down his taxi licence details, but I didn't think about it.


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