Nov. 29th, 2010

Feeed me!

Nov. 29th, 2010 09:18 pm
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Nowadays, I use LJ quite a lot to syndicate blogs and make it easier to see the cool stuff I enjoy looking at. I've set up (and pilfered) a fair few feeds over the last few months so here are some of my favourites (I like Hyperbole and a Half too, but you all already read that!)

[ profile] gothiccharmsch - Pretty things and pictures of goth related stuff
[ profile] hautexmacabre - Mostly clothes of a goth type nature
[ profile] nowthisisgothic - Photos from the 1980s of - you guessed it - goth type people (Empty because I just set it up!)

[ profile] marriedtoseafee - Old engravings with funny captions
[ profile] myfirstdict - Excellent 50s style subversive picture dictionary
[ profile] nataliedee_syn - Cute and amusing cartoons
[ profile] postsecret - Anonymous secrets on postcards
[ profile] rmntcllyapclypt - One of the most gorgeously illustrated web comics in a long while
[ profile] theoatmealrss - 'How many otters could you hit with a shoe?' etc
[ profile] tooth4dinner - Wobbly little cartoon people living sad little lives

[ profile] sweetstation - New favourite addiction! Weird art from around the world
[ profile] toxeldotcom - Amazing inventions
[ profile] welshview - Weird stuff from across the web
[ profile] hideyourarms - Awesome t-shirts, amazing deals. Can be post heavy.

Anyone else got any faves they'd like to share? I always have time for pretty pictures and silly jokes...


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