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I have a magic credit card. I was shopping online today and something very strange happened...

I was merrily buying things to assist my nice postlady in her daily exercise when I got to one of those card verifaction things. I entered my password. There was an error. I realised it was the wrong password and entered the right one. Another error. Perhaps I mis-typed. I tried again. Nope. I clicked 'Forgotten Password' and entered all my details.

Computer says no.

'Some of your details have been entered incorrectly and do not match our records. Please try again.'

I tried again.

'You are clearly a fool who does not understand the internet. Stop mashing the keyboard and call this number.'

So I called the number. Nothing for it as the verification thing wouldn't do anything any more. Nice bank man asked me for my card details. Then asked me again. And again.

Apparently, the security number on the back of my card isn't the number it ought to be. This means my card (which I only use to buy things online and have been using to buy stuff from places like Amazon, John Lewis, Zavvi and Play in the last few weeks) suddenly won't work any more.

Nice Bank Man was totally confused as to how this could have happened and didn't know what to do.

So now I have to take the card into the bank to prove that they are wrong and I can actually read three numbers in the right order without getting them completely and utterly wrong. (Because the security details on the card suddenly don't match the details on file the bank can't accept that I am me over the phone and give me a new card the normal way.)

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