miss_squiddy: (UV me)
miss_squiddy ([personal profile] miss_squiddy) wrote2010-06-30 09:11 pm

Chugging you in your own home...

On September 19th this year, I shall be taking part in the Marie Curie Driving Challenge. (Again.)

Yeah, it's a bit sexist, but it's a fun way to raise money which may involve tanks. And because it's fun, I shall be contributing £100 in sponsorship myself (that's the amount you have to raise to take part). No point asking you lot to pay for me to have fun, is there? My target is to match that through donations!

This is my Just Giving page. If you can afford it, please sponsor me here (and tick the gift aid box for extra bonus money).

And just because I want to play with my new badge machine, everyone who sponsors me can have a badge. (Hooray!)

To design your badge, you'll need to draw a circle 35mm in diameter - but fit your design in the centre space (25mm in diameter, so it doesn't get squished over the edge). And if you aren't feeling terribly creative, you can just link me to a photo or choose an amusing slogan. Of course, I will have to buy stamps, so if you want one, sponsor me £1 to make it worthwhile!

You can stick your design and postal address in a screened comment below, message me on facebook or email me...

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