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Man attaches GPS to cat. Long video is long, but the results are interesting! :)
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So RATM are Christmas number one! Yes, yes. I know all the money goes to Sony/Simon Cowell anyway and the rich are getting richer blahblahblah BUT:

1. A whole bunch of new people are listening to some quality metal
2. Shelter have got £70k-ish from the people who bought the single, plus a share of RATM's profits
3. Point proven that the unexpected can happen when enough people get behind an idea.

And I think those things are nice. :)
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"If you're male and you like Twilight, you're gay. I don't mean that in the derogatory sense, I mean it in the "you want to put your testicles against another man's testicles while gripping handfuls of chesthair" kind of way."

I haven't seen it, but I dig The Oatmeal's explanation...

And it has pictures. :)
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OK, so I went on one of those 'fun' management training courses the other day about improving something or other and was all about buzzwords and 'culture mapping'. Bleh. :(

However, they did have quite a good game. I want you all to try it.

So here's a star with the numbers 1-10 on it. Print it, or draw one out.
Every time you join two numbers together with a line, you get 10 points.
You don't have to join the numbers in numerical order.
Every time the line you draw crosses the black lines of the star shapes, you lose 1 point.
You have one minute to score as many points as possible.

Post your score here. I'll share mine later and if you beat it, you win a prize. :)

[livejournal.com profile] whotheheckami storms into the lead with 900! Can he be beaten?
[livejournal.com profile] myrddrr has got the hang of it! 2150 to beat!
[livejournal.com profile] azekeil screams into the lead with 12000! (I've screened him for giving away the answer)!
[livejournal.com profile] lucien_dark overtakes with 15680 31360! That's more like it!


Oct. 7th, 2009 06:12 pm
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Wow. Rammstein's new single is so awful that it deserves a whole post simply to berate it.

I've had second thoughts about going along to their 2010 tour if they're churning the sort of drivel that's designed to make 12 year olds snicker a bit (as opposed to the slightly better but still silly stuff they've done in the past)...

Stick to singing in German lads.

ETA: On the other hand, Steel Panther are legendary. Wish I'd seen them on tour now.
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Last year I wanted to find out what happens to butterflies in winter. They don't migrate and they can't die because otherwise there wouldn't be any caterpillars in the spring. Well, now I know the answer. They all hide in my shed. Seriously. I went in there to get a broom out this afternoon and there were loads of them snoozing on the ceiling. :)

A little while ago, I picked up an album by a band called 'The Glove' for £1 in a bargain bin because I liked the song titles. I played it last week and thought it sounded oddly familiar and yet somehow... wrong. Here's why. My goth-fu must be stronger than I thought. Either that or I'm entirely rubbish for not knowing who they were in the first place.
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This website animates your face - and lets you add comedy moustaches as an extra added bonus. It's just freaky.


Jul. 21st, 2009 11:12 pm
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Random news updates:

Six Flags theme parks filed for bankrupcy in June, although they say that they won't be laying off any staff or closing any attractions. We'll see if they're still there next week then.

Hey [livejournal.com profile] markeris! There's a convention for scare attractions - it even has the Screamie Awards for the scariest visitor experiences!

Attention music types! Get some radio play and 70% return on the cost of your downloads from Amazing Radio! 100% unsigned bands! Let's ruin a radio station and filth it up with dirty tunes. :)
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So... NEW YORK next Monday. I can't believe it! :D

And since you lot were responsible for it, then you all deserve lovely treats. (Hooray!) All comments are screened, so comment below and let me know whether you'd like a postcard, piece of tat, strange chocolate or whatnot - and then leave your actual name and postal address and I shall send you things.

(Although maybe from the UK to avoid stupid customs charges if it's something lumpy...)

Also, if anyone has suggestions of amazing places to go or things that have to be seen it would be awesome to know about them.

Yay! you are all amazing!