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Birthdate:Jan 6
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Hello! I am miss_squiddy and this is my journal. Hooray! Here is a picture of me. I am the one on the right. (The one with two legs.)

Some of the things I like are wearing black, wearing even more black, having adventures, jumping up and down, making horrible cocktails from booze, sweets and children's medicine (and drinking them from things bought from garden shops and toy stores), taking blurry photos of lovely people having lovely fun, keeping small aquatic animals that are a bit strange and don't need feeding every day, pretending that I am still 5 and spending all my money on stupid stuff, exploring in places people aren't supposed to be, being loudly pedantic about historic-but-fictional films and TV programmes and writing inane internet-based drivel about my life and how brilliant everything is. Here I am having an adventure:

I am head of Zombie Apocalypse Training for the G.M.I. and was recently awarded the Hovercraft Assassin badge for... trying to kill everyone with a hovercraft. According to fnord_kb, I am 'the closest thing to a real life Lara Croft' and was awarded the title 'Catalyst of Danger and Excitement' by flooks. Which was nice.

You can find me on Facebook (where I post the same stuff more often but in less words and show off my blurry photographs of lovely people) but I have a stupid username so you might have to ask me where I'm lurking.

Oh, and if you've just read all of that because it's almost my birthday and you have no idea what to get me, here's a link to my wishlist - and this is my Adventure list. (I'd just stick to shiny things if I were you.)

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